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One night there was an explosion (literally) from just behind the dodgems (underground cable fault) and I lost power, this is where a Wheel comes into its own. The “fatties” came to the ground first in this case (sure enough despite an already good long ride they wanted a refund (which they got) -presumably in today’s litigious culture they’d sue for stress!.

Another night there was a bang from the axle and I lost my precious lighting- the slip rings had worn out. They were repaired the next day and most of the tubes were back on that night.

At the end of this season I realised I had to move on and get serious about a career. I ended up with an HND from the polytechnic (having spent too long working in the night-club and socialising with reprobate biology students) and left Portsmouth living in London for a while.

I always kept my interest and various friends usually visiting France via Portsmouth harbour would comment “its still there Richard”.

I noted with interest in the Worlds Fair that it was up for sale, I phoned the park up then bottled it. When the guy on the end of the phone said “are you serious about buying it?” I cracked and terminated the call. I didn’t want it to be sold to someone irresponsible, or worse still be scrapped! It never sold at that time and was moved over to the pier side when the park downsized.

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Corbiere Big wheel - Southsea
  Clarence pier at night

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